The Marvel Experience (Included She-Hulk!)

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This past weekend, my friend and I took the perilous journey to San Diego and visited "The Marvel Experience" in Del Mar. And what a goddamn treat it was. I did not really know what to expect given I heard about it at Kamikaze and all they said it was, "interactive domes that take you into the Marvel universe", pretty vague right? Anyways, when we got there sure enough there were three giant domes. Before we could enter the domes we had to register as S.H.I.E.L.D agents, which was fun (my name was Lauren Asimov, in honor of Isacc Asimov). Once inside you are told you are in training to become a S.H.I.E.L.D operative. The first dome is more informational with cool gadgets and little games. The second dome is the cool dome, where you get to do more interactive games. My favorite games were flying the IronMan suit, smashing enemy robots like the Hulk, and getting through a maze of lazers like Black Widow (I did pretty well on the Black Widow game, while my friend dominated at the Hulk game). After the fun dome, you go into a 3-D dome and watch characters like Iron Fist and She-Hulk fight Hydra and other enemies (and can I just take a second and say how amazing it was to see She-Hulk included, I mean her comic is being cancelled this month, which is a shame, but to see her stand next to the guys as the second female on the team was truly amazing!). You finally end with a great motion 3-D experience (think Star Tours at Disneyland). When I left the final dome, I was so excited because all I could think was that this was prototype for a Marvel Land in one of the Disney Parks in the future. Granted, I will probably be much older once they open, but I will still be one of the first ones in line.

After this exciting adventure, my friend and I took a drive into La Jolla, and were promptly greeted my a huge sweeping of marine layer blocking out the blazing sun that had been there only 10 minutes before. So instead of dipping my feet in the ocean like I wanted, I was resigned to walk around La Jolla, eating good food, and ending my night with ice cream (at the cutest ice cream shop in existence!). I also finally bought Madewell black pumps which I actually have been telling myself I would do for months, finally took the plunge and did it. Phew! This was a long post! TTFN, ta ta for now.


P.S. Be warned that if you decide to go to the Marvel Experience, the lines get longer as the day goes by. My friend and I arrived at 11:30am and it wasn't that crowded but by the time we were out of the domes the line to get in had expanded greatly.