Wondercon Day 2-Korra

IMG_1845 IMG_1834 copy IMG_1836 IMG_1840 IMG_1850 IMG_1853 IMG_1859 IMG_1871 IMG_1887 IMG_1899 IMG_1900 IMG_1915 IMG_1919 IMG_1930 IMG_1938 IMG_1960 IMG_1818 copy IMG_1828IMG_1961 IMG_1964 IMG_1984 IMG_1986 IMG_1990 IMG_2010 IMG_2018 IMG_2021 IMG_2031 IMG_2034What a whirlwind! I can't believe Wondercon was only a week ago! It feels so much longer!

This was my first time attending Wondercon and what a blast! I bought a 3 day pass, but ended up only going 2 days. Which I think is a perfect amount of time because the first day I got to walk around, visit a few panels and see other cosplayers. On the second day I just walked around and relaxed, had my picture taken and just enjoyed the atmosphere (pictures of the second day coming soon).

My first day there, which was technically Day 2, I cosplayed as Korra from the Legend of Korra, but a battle/armored Korra. This was my own design of the character. I imagined what she would wear if the battle with Kuvira had continued in Season 4. When I did my makeup the goal was that when I closed my eyes it looked like I was in Avatar state, don't know if I succeeded (you are the judge). This was also my first time working with eva foam and making armor. While making the armor was difficult, it was doable (thanks to all the tutorials online) and I was even able to put my own design on the back of Raava (which I imagined Korra would take up as her symbol in battle). The hardest part was actually figuring out how to attach everything to myself. This was definitely a learning moment. Next time, I know that I have to buy straps and buckles and all that good stuff. In addition, Next time I am definitely wearing a wig. While it's nice to have my own hair because it looks more natural, it is a pain. Since my hair is naturally curly and dyed a light color I had to straighten and spray it with temporary color which means frizz. Ugh, the bottom of my hair was large by the end of the day. Lesson learned.

Beside that, I had a blast as Korra. I talked to other Korra fans (even met an Asami, Korrasami OTP) and other cosplayers, which I love to do. I have very few people in my life that I can nerd out with, so conventions like this are what I wait for all year (plus I love cosplaying now!).

I loved Day 2, and Day 3 was even crazier. Stay tuned! TTFN, ta ta for now.


P.S. I would like to thank my awesome friend for taking these pictures!