MegaMan Sailor Pluto Mashup at Anime Expo!!!

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Again...SO MANY PICTURES!!! But wow! I am so proud of this cosplay, mostly becuase I actually finished it! First, this cosplay was inspired by artist ShadowMaster23 on deviantart, please check out her art, it's amazing. This cosplay seemed cursed, everything that could go wrong went wrong. My staff heart broke...twice! I had issues with getting everything to work together and a wig that didn't want to not tangle. But! It all worked out in the end and I am so proud! This cosplay took up so much time and effort and to see it come together in these pictures only encourages me to do more cosplay (plus encouragement from other cosplayers-keep reading)! Before moving on, I would like to thank my friend who was an absolutely amazing human being who helped me get everything on, and helped me throughout the day to keep everything on. You know who you are, and you are amazing.

So, Anime Expo 2015 was so much fun! I havent' been to Anime Expo since it moved to the LA Convention Center, and many....people. This convention has really grown in recent years, and it warms my heart to see more people embracing nerd culture, and not being ashamed! I know so many people used be ashamed for liking anime, so it's nice to know I'm not the only one binge watching Moribito and reading Tokyo Ghoul (don't watch the second season of the anime, so bad). Plus the swag at Anime Expo was bomb! I got some super cute Luna stockings (expect to see them on the blog soon!), some artwork (one was free because I was dressed as a Sailor Moon character), and a picture of my coslay. Plus I saw a super cute Luna purse (that Sailor Moon is actually holding in one of my pictures) and ordered it on Ebay, expect that soon too. Anime Expo also had a whole section where you could do small drawings and write nice messages-as you can see one girl went all out. My drawing looked like nothing in comparisons to hers (I drew my friend and myself as Kiki). There was also a section at Anime Expo just for Cosplayers! They had set up backdrops for photos, a cosplay repair station, and a place you could get a 360 view of your cosplay (here's mine:

Anyways, being Sailor Pluto was so fun! I ran into so many Sailor Moon groups, and it just made me wish I had a group to cosplay with! All the Sailor Moons were super sweet, and the other Sailor Pluto I met was incredible (follow her on instagram at _bambie.b). I also met the amazingly talented and kind Vividvivka, dressed as Vincent, who walked up to me and asked "Did you make your cosplay? Is this your first one?" "Yes, I made this. And this is my first big cosplay." I said. "Wow! You did an amazing job! If you have any questions on cosplaying, you can message me on Facebook or Instagram. I love helping others with their cosplay." I know this be lame, but I was so touched by someone as talented as Vividvivka coming up to me to compliment me, really encouraged me and made feel so much better about my cosplay (I was having major issues with keeping the thigh boot portion on my actual thigh).

I'm sorry, I've started to ramble. But I just wanted to express the love the cosplay community has for each other and how a little compliment can really lift your spirits. Cosplayers unite!

TTFN, ta ta for now.