Lana! Lana! Lana! at Long Beach Comic Con


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Another con, another cosplay (that I have done before). Seriously, being Lana is so much fun! Whenever I am Lana I get yelled out so much! And I don't think I have heard "Danger Zone" so much in life! And I loved it!

I really like Long Beach Comic Con because it is such a small con and it's crazy the amount of people you run into! I ran into Thomas of SoCalCosplayfoto ( and did a quick shoot with him! Which led to other photographers wanting pictures (if you happen to see a picture of me floating on the internet, let me know!). Plus I was in a video with Nerd Reactor and Archer (aka mynameisnotbrucecosplay): .

Chatting with other cosplayers and going to panels is always such a blast. I love hearing how other people made their cosplay, and what inspired them to do it. Like, meeting probably one of the best 10th Doctor copslayers, left me a little star struck (and listening for the Tardis). I mean, seeing a Morrigan cosplay from Wicked and Divine was awesome! As well as seeing,  Over the Garden Wall, Wirt and Greg, cosplay (they were my favorite young cosplayers). Plus watching the Cosplay competition at the end, was actually super impressed by some people's innovation! The only awkward thing was walking back to my car in this cosplay...let's just say this dress is very short, and people are not always so nice. Until next time, TTFN ta ta for now!