Obi Korra Nobi at Anime LA


IMG_7559IMG_7573IMG_7580IMG_7589IMG_7468IMG_7476IMG_7479IMG_7486IMG_7470IMG_7475IMG_7473IMG_7493IMG_7495IMG_7522IMG_7513IMG_7537IMG_7536IMG_7534IMG_7540IMG_7506IMG_7531IMG_7510IMG_7598IMG_7616IMG_7623IMG_7668 Woohoo! Only one week behind in posting! I got my pictures from Anime LA up in a reasonable amount of time! Pretty awesome!

As I said, these are pics from Anime LA at the end of January. I was looking for a con to go to because I suddenly felt very inspired during December and just had to make this cosplay come to life as soon as possible. And you may ask, where the hell did the idea for this weird mashup come from? Well, after watching the Star Wars The Force Awakens  of course! I loved the whole thing and knew I wanted my next cosplay to involve Star Wars somehow, so I decided to combine one of my favorite kick butt characters with one of the greatest series in the galaxy to create: Obi Korra Nobi. Plus, Korra is trying to bring balance between the human world and spirit world, and in Star Wars the Jedi are all about bringing balance to the Force. So, I made a warrior for both universes, who will bring balance and unity.

I was so proud of this mashup that I even got a little drawing commissioned by one of the artist in Artist Alley (Sebasun - go check out his artwork, it's amazingly cute!). I plan to get it framed soon. Plus I got to go to the Star Wars photo meet up and had a blast talking to fellow Jedi and avoiding the Sith (jk).

And I have to say I was super impressed by this con because almost 40% of attendees were in cosplay! It was amazing to see so many other cosplayers and their creations. I wish I had taken some pics with my fellow cosplayers (I did get one with a group of Avatar The Last Airbender, who were amazing, but wish I had gotten more). And definite shout out to my friend who was so understanding and walked around with me taking a bunch of pictures (I just like to have evidence of all the hard work I put into my creations). And another shout out to my other friend who made my lightsaber (she also made my Maleficent staff, she's just amazeballs).

I am already starting my next cosplays for Wondercon and am already freaking out a little about the amount of work I have to do, but excited at what the final product will be! Until then, TTFN ta ta for now.