Wondercon- Pocahontas & Ms. Marvel

IMG_8181IMG_8215IMG_8228IMG_8136IMG_8138IMG_8145IMG_8152IMG_8183IMG_8245IMG_8253IMG_8260IMG_8263IMG_8265IMG_8274IMG_8278IMG_8292IMG_8294 Finally! At this point, even I was like, "Lauren! Get your shit together and get these pics posted!" But what can I say, I left for Japan a 2 days after this, and then decided to edit pictures from the photoshoot in San Diego, some of my Japan pictures, and Fashion pics. My wondercon pics just fell to the wayside. BUT here they are now. I decided to combine the two days I went, as I did not take that many pictures on either day and felt like one post was enough (especially with this delay).

So, as I mentioned in an earlier blog post I busted out my warrior Pocahontas cosplay again, and still loved it. Except that darn wig. But, I got to meet so many awesome people while wearing this cosplay! I met lostweasleychild, mrleozombie, Italiacosplay, and theofficialariel! The cosplay community is so welcoming and nice. But it also made me realize that I seriously need to improve my cosplay skills, because all the people I met were so amazing.

On the second day, I went as my version of Ms.Marvel, and while I loved my original sketch of this design I think I can improve on it. I think part of the reason was my fabric choice, too shiny, sticking on the tail of the dress haphazardly, and my insistence that I put boning in the bodice of the dress. Sigh, if I had listened to my original instinct I think the dress would have turned out a lot better. But I actually started sketching a new version of this outfit and hope to make it for Long Beach Comic Con (or maybe update my Dee cosplay, she did get a new outfit update in the comics...). During the day, I shot with a few photographers, and have posted a few pics to my instagram (go check it out!). I will say dressing up as Ms. Marvel was super fun because she is such a fun and somewhat goofy character that it allowed me to be a little silly in my pictures. Writing this out, just makes me want to cosplay her again more....

I have decided to take a small break from cosplay, and focus on improving my sewing in-between now and my next con. My next con will be Anime Expo in July where I hope to have another twist on a classic character! Until then, TTFN ta ta for now.