Hello World!

Dress: Foreign Exchange

Shoes: Kelly & Katie from DSW

Hello World! I am so proud to be opening up this blog. I am overjoyed at the thought of being able to combine my two passions of fashion and comics. I know they seem like two very different things but they are two things that I enjoy. Style is something personal and I am able to express my own personal style everyday. I love dressing up in cute clothes and venturing out into the day, it kinda makes me feel like a superhero...not really. I'm sure at one point in everyone's life they imagine themselves a superhero and with my blog I get to write about this.

I know that everyone may not agree with my opinion on the comics I discuss, but I know that we all have our own opinion and I respect that. I also may not know everything  about the origin of some of the heroes, but I do try to educate myself. :) I am always open to suggestions for something to read and if I make a mistake please tell me so I can correct myself. Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you will come back because I will be updating it often with new outfits and reviews! Thanks. :3