Japan Adventures- Nara Park and Deer


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I'm in Japan, so of course I went to Nara! I had to see and feed the deer. Because of all the people visiting the deer are friendly...and aggressive. They see you with food and they want it. But I couldn't help it and bought them food...getting surronded by deer is not the worst way to go, right??

Anywhose, Nara is not just for the deer. There are a lot of shrines and beautiful buildings surronding the park that you have to go see. Plus, while I was there they were starting to build a boat for a big festival for the end of the summer. The board nearby said that they would be moving the boat to a nearby lake (or river) to celebrate the festival. I wish I could have seen that, probably would have been amazing.  If you continue to walk past the boat and around you will see some amazing cherry blossom trees. Then there is a trail to hike up to a building to get a better view of the park and the surronding area. The view from above is breathtaking, and so work the journey.

And any journey is not complete without food, there are also some food stops along the main trail, but if you walk in a little you will find an amazing udon shop that makes you serves some of the best udon I have ever had. Plus, everyone there was super sweet. If you are planning on visiting Japan, then you definitely need to go to Nara. It's an experience you won't forget!

Until next time, TTFN ta ta for now.