Japan Adventures- Studio Ghibli Spirited Me Away


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I have lied again, I am creating a post that is dedicated to a single day...but it was such a magical day! I mean, I got to go to Studio Ghibli and Shinjuku Park all in one day, and even the rain could not bring me down.

My friends and I actually started the day in Shinjuku park where we were surronded my cherry blossoms. The whole area was drowning in them. There even was a beautiful carpeting of cherry blossoms on the ground. The only sad part was that because we came while it was raining a certain pathway was somewhat flooded so we couldn't walk that way. But even without seeing that portion of the park I was blown away by how beautiful everything was. And a bonus was that because it was raining there were barely any people wandering the park so we had it all to ourselves (almost).

Then it was a ride on the train to the Studio Ghibli Museum! And Oh! The Studio Ghibli Museum was just as magical as I always thought it would be. Everything, I mean everything, was based on a Studio Ghibli movie or art piece. Every small detail had something related to a film on it. The door handles, the lights, the windows, everything! And I loved it all! I wish I could have taken pictures of everything inside, but photography is not allowed and I totally understand why. I know I would have wanted a million pictures, so I can imagine everyone else also would have wanted a million pictures ruining the peaceful and magical effect of the museum. But I did get to take a picture with the robot from Laputa: Castle in the Sky! I completely and whole-heartedly recommend going to the Studio Ghibli Museum if you are in Japan! (HOWEVER, make sure to get your tickets ahead of time. My friends and I didn't realize you have to get tickets from a travel agent in the States and they only give out 100 a month. So, we missed our chance getting like that but luckily one of my friends had a friend living in Japan who got us tickets from Lawsons. I was so utterly grateful!)

After wandering the museum, my friends and I knew we had to stop and get a quick bite at the Straw Hat Cafe. The whole inside was decorated with little straw hats, and even the light shades were themed with little flying Kiki's! As I said they thought of every detail!

And quick side about my outfit. Since I knew I was going to the Studio Ghibli Museum, I knew I had to make a Kiki inspired outfit. Kiki was actually the first anime I ever saw growing up and I loved her and the movie. When I was younger, Princess Mononoke was actually my favorite Studio Ghibli movie, but as I have grown older I realize I identify with Kiki more. She starts off so sure of herself and then gets a little lost along the way, but at the end of the movie she find herself. I love that, and feel like I totally identify with Kiki. Sorry for the segway, back to the outfit...I was originally planning on making a purple dress, like Kiki, but decided on a skirt with a Kiki silhouette. And of course, I was going to make her giant bow, and looking back I actually wish I made it bigger! II hope my little spiel about Studio Ghibli was a tinge magical. Until next time, TTFN ta ta for now.