EVA Unit 01 at AX2016


IMG_1860IMG_1868IMG_1856IMG_1863IMG_1871IMG_1874IMG_1961IMG_1947IMG_1951IMG_1930IMG_1974IMG_1981IMG_2000IMG_2032IMG_2024IMG_1993IMG_2014IMG_1987IMG_2005IMG_2033 IMG_2044EVA Unit 01 ready for battle. Finally getting my Anime Expo pics up. As with Anime Expo, my life has been chaotic and very busy. On that note, Anime Expo was absolute madness. I have been to Anime Expo and other huge cons before but never have I ever seen a con so crowded and full of people. I remember when Anime Expo was in Anaheim, and they were able to have the opening ceremony in half of the ballroom. I also remember that was the first time I ever experienced cosplay. What a magical memory...anyways... I gotta say, standing in a line for 2 hours outside in the heat in latex and spandex was not the best time in the world...

BUT beside that Anime Expo was pretty damn fun. I didn't really hit up any panels but I got to talk to so many amazing cosplayers and fellow anime fans that it really made up for standing in line for so long. Plus it was so fun to have other people recognize my cosplay! As I have said before, I love putting a twist on classic characters (which makes me sometimes hard to recognize) and Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most classic anime every made, so of course I wanted to cosplay something from it for Anime Expo. The only problem is that I don't really like any of the human characters! But I always did like the Eva Units, so I decided to do the most classic mecha, EVA Unit 01. I just knew that I wouldn't be able to handle wearing a full mecha cosplay so to compromise I designed a dress version.

This dress and outfit was the next step in my sewing and cosplay journey. Before this I had never sewn latex before, and it was quite the challenge. However, THANK GOD for Ya Ya Han fabrics! Her fabric (the purple portion) was much easier to sew than the straight up latex portions. Beside that I think I am slowly getting better at working with eva foam and worbla! Working on this one cosplay has given me a lot of confidence for future cosplays (which I have the next five planned). I am literally sitting here planning my next cosplays and am so excited and the thought of showing my hard work. Until then TTFN, ta ta for now.