Giant Hat says "I'm Busy"


IMG_0969IMG_0972IMG_0963IMG_0983IMG_0984IMG_1017IMG_1021IMG_1004IMG_1024IMG_1025IMG_1026IMG_1031 Dress: Boutique in Japan, Hat: Asos, Shoes: DSW, Purse: Kate Spade

This was a random day, doing random things. I didn't do much but walked around and decided to take pictures of my outfit; mostly because I loved my hat. I love giant hats that hide me from the sun (and can contain my hair) and this one fit the criteria to a T! It even had a saying on it, "I'm busy", which I was (busy eating, but still busy).

Plus, the hat went perfectly with my dress. When I was at Laforet in Harajuku my friends and I visited a small boutique where this dress was displayed and immediately caught my eye. I loved the vintage feel of the dress, the store shop workers so nice (and didn't even say anything when I made the mistake of forgetting to take off my shoes for the dressing room), and the dress actually fit! So, of course I had to get it. I expect to wear this dress a lot this summer. I hope everyone is having a nice summer, and handling the heat! TTFN, ta ta for now.