Japan Adventures- Himeji Castle and Hello Kitty


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I apologize for the delay in posting, but sometimes you gotta deal with other stuff before you can blog. Anywhose, this will be my final individual Japan post. My next one will be a wrap up post that combines my last few days in Japan. So enjoy the shots of Himeji and the surronding area!

When my friends and I were in Japan (which now has been several months ago, geez I'm way behind in blogging!) we knew we wanted to go see a castle, but there are many different options and with everything we wanted to do, we knew we could only see one. Luckily, another friend was also traveling in Japan at the same time and he suggested Himeji Castle. And you know what, he was totally right. Before his suggestion I actually did not really know about Himeji Castle, but I'm so glad we decided to go.

But, before we before we actually got to Himeji Castle, my friends and I were on a hunt to find somewhere to grab breakfast, and oh boy, do I feel like we hit the jackpot. A Hello Kitty themed cafe! Everything was so adorable and pink, and it was a totally unexpected find. It was even better because we were the only patrons there because it was so early so we got to take in the whole restaurant without disturbing anyone. So, it was a pretty great start to the day already.

Himeji Castle was absolutely stunning as it was surronded by hundreds of cherry blossom trees that were in full bloom and creating a carpet of cherry blossom petals, that I just so happened to match with my sweater! Plus, since we went on a weekday early in the morning, there were not that many people and we were able to get through the castle rather quickly. The castle has a set course of where you can walk as they do not want people ruining the castle by walking everywhere and touching everything. So, to get to the top of the castle there is somewhat of a line you go through since you are all on an organized path. Oh! But that sight at the top is totally worth it. It is absolutely stunning to see the surronding area especially with all the cherry blossom trees in full bloom.

After wandering the castle grounds, my friends and I found a garden area with a small shrine that was overflowing with greenery. The garden not only had beautiful plant life but amazing waterfalls and ponds with Koi fish. If you are visiting Himeji Castle make sure to walk down the path a bit until you find the garden area.  I'm just so glad we went in the spring and were able to see all the plant life in full bloom.

And then after this wonderful day of taking in ancient castles and exquisite scenery, we somehow ended up at a club in Dottonbori, Osaka. Ce la vie! Well, I hope to have my wrap up post of Japan sometime this week, so keep an eye out! TTFN, ta ta for now.