Lips Are Everything

IMG_0668 IMG_0640 IMG_0655 IMG_0682 IMG_0687 IMG_0689 Shirt: H&M, Jeans: GAP, Cardigan: Target, Shoes: Dolce Vita (Thrifted), Earrings: ?

Sometimes you just want to be sassy, and a shirt with a giant mouth biting its lip is pretty damn sassy...cue "Rocky Horror Picture Show". Plus, I went to "Trapped in a Room with a Zombie" and had to bring my sass if I wanted to survive (challenge of having to solve riddles within an hour before the zombie gets you). Of course, being me, I freaked out when the zombie popped out fell and slighly sprained my ankle. Ta da! Anywhose, I was ordered not to do much walking and rest; which I have been trying to do. Hopefully this upcoming weekend is a little kinder. Until then, TTFN ta ta for now.