Vintage Fashion Expo Attire

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Dress: Vintage, Underskirt: Etsy, Shoes: Mix No.6 (DSW), Earrings: Asos, Purse: Kate Spade

Man, sometimes I wish I could just wear my vintage dress in everyday life every single day. But alas, I don't; and that's why I was so excited for the Vintage Fashion Expo. So, I busted out one of my favorite dresses, straightened my hair, and prepared my wallet for a beating. When I got there I was greeted by some truly beautiful vintage items, and some truly brutal prices. This reminded me why I typically buy my vintage items from the flea market. However, I couldn't help but buy one dress; it is a beautiful dress that I hope to show off soon. Until then, you can check some of the lovely items I tried on above (I really loved those hats, man). TTFN, ta ta for now.