Vintage Affair

Dress: Vintage, Belt: Pin-Up Girl Clothing, Shoes: Mix No.6 (DSW), Purse: Kate Spade, Earrings: Vintage

My love affair with vintage continues. When my friend told me about a vintage fair in LA, of course I had to go! And  while the outside of the building  and the description of free mimosas and snacks looked super promising, it was a bit disappointing. It was slightly disappointing because of the size of the venue, and the prices some vendors were selling their goods at. But, even with these disappointing factors, I walked away with two beautiful vintage dresses (for a deal) and had a wonderful time sipping mimosas and catching up with my cousin. I truly feel that how you decide to handle a situation will determine whether you have a good time or not, and so I always try to walk-in with a positive attitude.

Quick side note on my dress. It is a true vintage dress I got on Etsy for about $40 (with shipping) and took to my tailor to get fitted. My tailor works absolute magic! The bottom half of the dress was originally huge on me and she made it nice and form-fitting! A quick reminder for my fellow vintage fashionistas: true vintage wiggle dresses has little to no stretch, so when getting it tailored don't get it too tight! Don't want to pop those seams!

I'm sure I will have a picture of my haul up soon, so make sure to check my Instagram! Sorry for the short post, but it was re