Some New, Some Old


IMG_6840IMG_6849IMG_6851IMG_6855IMG_6860IMG_6885IMG_6917 Dress: vintage, Shoes: Asos, Purse: Asos

Christmas has now come and gone, and now all the amazing New Years sales are on and beckoning for all of us to buy shiny new things (thankfully they are all almost done). So, in response I decided to combine something old and something new for a quick outing with friends.

As with most of my vintage dresses, I have had this one for a while and just never wore it. I'm pretty sure I bought this one online on an impulse and just was like, "it's cute" and bought it. While I do like it, it's not one of my favorite vintage dresses. But it was fun styling it in a more unique and unconventional way. Plus having a purse with a cat face on it is always a plus (and another indication that I have a slight obsession with Asos). I think I will start pulling some of my vintage dresses from my closet in the near future. Until then, TTFN ta ta for now.